12 Creative Ideas to Store Your Hair Accessory Collection

12 Creative Ideas to Store Your Hair Accessory Collection


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Hair accessories play a pivotal role in offering functionality and a splash of style. From the practicality of everyday scrunchies to the elegance of delicate earrings, these small but significant items are essential to personalizing our looks. However, keeping these diverse accessories organized and easily accessible can be challenging. This guide aims to provide innovative and stylish solutions, including various ways to organize hair accessories for storage, turning the task of organization into an opportunity to creatively showcase your style. Whether you have an extensive collection of ornate hair claws or a modest assortment of headbands, this guide offers practical and imaginative ideas for storing hair accessories to keep your collection both protected and presented beautifully.

Drawer Organizers

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Partitioned Boxes

Ideal for keeping smaller accessories neatly organized, including as a hair clip storage solution. Use compartmentalized boxes, similar to jewelry organizers, to sort various items. Allocate separate sections within the box – one for silk scrunchies, another for studded hair clips, and a distinct compartment for delicate earrings. This organization method, acting as an effective hair clip organizer, not only keeps your accessories tangle-free but also makes it easier to find exactly what you need. 

DIY Dividers

This is a cost-effective and customizable way to organize drawers according to your specific needs and a great addition to hair accessories storage ideas. Use materials like cardboard or foam board to create dividers that fit snugly into your drawers. Tailor each section to accommodate different types of accessories – wider spaces for bulky hair claws and narrow slots for slender hairpins. This approach not only maximizes drawer space but also allows you to adjust the compartments as your collection evolves. You can also decorate the dividers to add a personal touch to your storage space, enhancing the way you organize your hair accessories.

Wall Displays

Decorative Hooks

Magnetic Strips 

These strips are perfect for organizing hair clips and other small, metallic items. Install them in your closet or bathroom to catch bobby pins and hoop earrings, keeping these tiny essentials from getting lost. This method not only saves space but also adds a modern touch to your decor, creating a minimalist and tidy appearance.

Decorative Hooks and Racks

Use these to turn your walls into a functional yet artistic display, serving as an effective hair accessory organizer. Arrange hooks or racks in patterns or rows to hang headbands, hairbands, and larger items like bejeweled hair claws and custom claw clips. This approach is also ideal for storing hair ties in a way that's both decorative and practical. Doubling as a beautiful wall art piece, it adds a personal and stylish touch to your room while keeping your accessories organized and easily accessible.

Counter-top Solutions


Decorative Bowls and Dishes

Enhance the aesthetics of your dresser or vanity with elegant bowls or dishes, which can be used as a hair accessory storage organizer for your daily wear items. These can hold an array of accessories from scrunchies to stud earrings. Select bowls or dishes that complement your room's decor, perhaps in materials like ceramic, glass, or even metal, to add a touch of elegance. You can designate specific bowls for different items, such as one for organizing hair ties and another for stud earrings. 

Clear Acrylic Organizers

Ideal for a clean, contemporary look, these organizers allow you to sort and display a variety of accessories, including custom claw clips, decorative hair claws, and even intricate hairpieces. The transparent nature of acrylic ensures that you can easily spot what you need, functioning effectively as a hair organizer storage solution. These organizers come in various sizes and shapes, enabling you to choose one that fits perfectly on your vanity or in your bathroom, such as a hair tie storage box for smaller items. Additionally, their sleek design blends seamlessly with any decor, providing a functional yet stylish way to organize and display your hair accessories.

Hidden Storage Ideas

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Behind-the-Door Racks

Maximize your space by using over-the-door racks or hanging shoe organizers with clear pockets. These racks are excellent for sorting and storing larger accessories like chunky hair claws, bandanas, and seasonal decorative items. They can also serve as a practical hair ties storage solution, keeping them easily accessible yet out of the way. The clear pockets in shoe organizers allow for easy visibility and quick access, making it simple to find exactly what you need. This method is particularly useful for those with limited space, as it takes advantage of often unused areas behind doors, keeping your accessories organized without cluttering your room.

Storage Boxes Under the Bed

For accessories not in daily rotation, under-the-bed storage boxes are an ideal solution. These boxes can be used as a box of hair accessories, storing seasonal items such as festive scrunchies or formal earrings, in an out-of-sight yet accessible manner. They can also act as a hair holder for various accessories. Label each box clearly — perhaps one for summer accessories, another for winter-themed items — to make retrieval effortless. This method not only helps in decluttering your primary storage areas but also in protecting and preserving your less frequently used accessories.

Themed and Seasonal Storage

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Seasonal Rotation

Adapting your accessory collection to the changing seasons keeps your style fresh and appropriate. Incorporate a hair accessories storage box or holder specifically for seasonal items. This approach involves rotating items like scrunchies and earrings to match the season's mood and weather. For instance, in spring, bring out light, floral-patterned scrunchies that echo the season's blooming aesthetics. In winter, switch to warmer, plush velvet scrunchies that complement the cozy attire of the season. Similarly, earrings can be rotated to reflect seasonal themes – vibrant, colorful designs for the lively summer months, and more subtle, elegant pieces for the understated charm of winter. 

Themed Displays

Infuse creativity into your storage by setting up themed displays with a hair accessories holder or organizer. This can be as simple as arranging accessories in color-coded order to match your room's palette or creating specific sections for different themes. For instance, dedicate a corner of your dresser for holiday-themed accessories, featuring scrunchies with festive prints or earrings shaped like holiday symbols. This thematic approach can extend to other occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, or cultural events, allowing you to celebrate these moments through your accessory choices. 

Creative Storages for Personalized Hair Accessories


Personalized hair accessories, with their unique designs and sentimental value, deserve special attention in your storage solutions. These items, often crafted to reflect individual tastes and memories, require more than just functional storage; they need a showcase that complements their uniqueness. Here are some innovative ideas to store and display these treasured pieces:

Bespoke Shadow Boxes

Create or purchase shadow boxes to display each custom accessory. This method not only protects your items from dust but also turns them into art pieces. You can decorate the background of each box to match or contrast with the accessory, adding a personal touch. Consider using different textures or materials for the background, like velvet, silk, or even a printed fabric that complements the accessory's style. For a more dynamic display, you can arrange multiple boxes in a gallery style on your wall. To add a layer of personalization, consider engraving the shadow box with a special date or a quote that resonates with the significance of the accessory.

Memory Boards

Design a memory board with photos and notes related to each custom accessory. This could include pictures of the events where you wore them or notes about their significance. Arrange the accessories on the board as part of this visual story. This is a perfect way to relive special moments while keeping your accessories organized. You can use a large bulletin board and cover it with a fabric that suits your room's decor. Adding small LED lights or fairy lights around the board can create a warm, inviting glow, highlighting the accessories and memories. You can also use thematic decorations, such as seashells for summer memories or leaves for autumn-themed accessories. 


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Your hair accessories are more than just functional items; they are expressions of your style. With these creative storage ideas, including hair accessories organizer ideas and methods that represent the best way to organize hair accessories, you can keep your collection organized, accessible, and beautifully displayed, enhancing both your daily routine and your personal space. 

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